The Importance Of Anti-aging Products

There is no specific age designated for you to start using anti-aging formulations. However, the earlier you start, the more beneficial the results would be. Make sunscreen your best friend as soon as you are in your mid-teens, and then go on to incorporating several other anti-aging products as you go through the various phases of life.

Start using a good SPF as early and as frequently as possible. As mentioned above, sun damage increases the chances of wrinkle appearance and makes your skin dull. A good SPF can form an adequate barrier between the sunrays and your skin, preventing any oxidative stress or sun damage to your skin.

As you move toward your mid-twenty, start incorporating good retinol-based under eye cream. Vit-C infused products, BHA exfoliants, and antioxidant formulated serums.

As you enter your thirties, start with an anti-wrinkle cream right away. Once you see any fine lines trying to make their way onto your face, start using a more concentrated anti-wrinkle cream to combat those signs.

Wrinkles are the earliest signs of aging. Especially with fine lines appearing soon after. Their reduction can be associated with the frequent use of anti-aging productscreams, lotions, and other options available.

Anti-aging products contain a vast number of chemicals to combat various signs of aging.

  • Starting with antioxidants such as Vitamin-C. These are essential to reverse the oxidative damage done by the sun. As well as other polluting chemicals over time. Therefore, preventing the formation of new wrinkles. In addition, they are found in the form of vitamin E or green tea extracts.
  • Retinols, commonly known as Vitamin A, is the real deal to combat eye puffiness. In addition, it also reverses the signs of an aging eye. Moreover, they are excellent collagen synthesis boosters and renew the cell turnout of skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acids are incredibly moisturizing essential for deep hydration to yield a supple skin.
  • Peptides, a center of attention in the field of cosmetic surgery, is regarded highly for its properties of wound healing. Hence, it can heal and fill in scars.
  • Lastly, the smooth skin retriever, Hydroxy Acids, serves as exfoliants to slough off all the dead skin. Thus, resulting in an irresistibly soft to touch the skin.

How To Pick Anti-Aging Products? 

A proper skincare routine and some safety precautions are the only perfect way to incorporate anti-aging products and take the most advantage of them. 

  • Start with one product. Do not buy everything you see off the shelves -or on your Instagram feed-. This will only result in your skin getting more irritated and one product taking amore time to do it desired results.
  • Always do a patch test on hand or neck before lathering a product on face to eliminate any chances of allergies you may have from the infusions of the product.
  • Immediately stop using products that give you a tingling or burning sensation on the skin as they will only make your skin more sensitive.
  • Use the product as directed by a physician or as per the instructions at the back of your product. Give an ample amount of time to a product to work its magic.
  • Use a good moisturizer and sunscreen post use of anti-aging products. This is to ensure adequate hydration and prevention from tanning that catalyzes the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Only continue using the product if it suits you in every way, and if it succeeds to show visible results. If a product brings no improvement, chances are, your skin needs a different treatment, so consult a dermatologist in this regard.

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