What is Pea Sprout Extract?

The garden pea is known scientifically by its Latin name, Psium Sativum. The pea sprout extract is naturally rich in ellagic acid and beta-sitosterol, gallic acid, and quercetin. These components have been proved to have antioxidant properties, and they also reduce skin factors that might cause redness and other skin sensitivity.

How Pea Sprout Extract Works?

Even though pea sprout extract contains a portion of starch that can help thicken cosmetic products when used in high amounts, it is usually used in lower quantities for their antioxidant and skin-soothing effects.

What Pea Sprout Extract Does To The Hair?

The loss of hair impacts both men and women. The loss of hair itself occurs due to a lack of balance in the cycle of hair growth where the number of growing hair (Anagen) is reduced, while the number of degenerating hair (Telogen) increases, resulting in poor hair development.

When plucked hair follicles undergo DNA microarray analysis, it was found that the pea sprout extract activates special signal molecules in the dermal papilla, which is essential to promote the growth of new hair. Therefore, the active ingredient from pea sprout extract has the ability to reactivate hair growth by inducing dermal papilla cells.

Further experimenting and clinical studies showed that the pea sprout extract can increase the density of anagen hair by 8% while lowering the density of telogen hair by about 28%. This simply indicated that the pea sprout extract would help the hair to maintain its original thickness and density.

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