What are Amino Acids?

Nothing plays a more important and vital role in maintaining your overall health and acquiring beautiful skin than Amino acids. Amino acids are ingredients that make up the very structure of life.

Amino acids are numerous, but only 22 are required for our health. When combined together, amino acids build Protein. Protein is a major life-giving component which promotes the development of nearly all processes within the cells of the body.

Amino acids are divided into two groups: essential and not essential.

Essential amino acids are non-body-produced amino acids. Only certain foods or supplements will provide those amino acids and their benefits to you. They are mostly found in animal protein products including beef, seafood, poultry, eggs and dairy products. Some vegetables such as soy quinoa and soy products contain those amino acids as well.

Non-essential amino acids are produced by your body, thus, it is not necessary or ‘essential’ for you to obtain them from food or supplements.

How Amino Acids Work?

Amino acids constitute our DNA, hormones, carbohydrates, musculoskeletal components, blood, hair, nails and bones, and constitute essential parts of collagen and elastin. The structure of skin, hair, nails and bones is created by collagen and elastin. They also play a vital role in restoring and repairing those cells on a daily basis

When it comes to the skin, amino acids are vital in maintaining healthy skin. Each protein formed by amino acids has a particular function in skin care. Those functions include; acting as an antioxidant, assisting the skin to produce its own antioxidants, maintaining skin hydration, strengthening the immune system and reducing signs of ageing.

What Amino Acids Do To The Skin?

Ageing, contaminants and UV/Sun penetration are the main causes for the degradation of our skin.These factors deplete Amino acids in our bodies. As Amino acid levels decrease, the normal rhythm of our body to preserve our skin slows down too.

Amino acids are important ingredients for collagen and elastin, which help the skin retain a protective layer. They play an essential role in providing a healthy skin barrier because it allows the skin to hold on to moisture and also creates a barrier against foreign particles that may attempt to penetrate and harm the skin.

The topical addition of amino acids to your skin will promote collagen and elastin development, which maximises the skin's healthy barrier. This allows collagen and elastin to function more efficiently resulting in a strong skin tone and enhancing skin elasticity, colour and flexibility.

Both essential and non-essential amino acids are involved in having a gorgeous skin, but some have additional advantages:

Arginine: assists in repairing visible damage to the skin.

Histidine: soothes the skin and provides antioxidant properties.

Methionine: provides protection against substances that are harmful to the skin.

Lysine: reinforces and strengthens the skin.

Proline, leucine and glycine: makes the fine lines and wrinkles less profound.

The use of amino acid in skincare products is growing rapidly due to their outstanding benefits when implemented in a skincare routine. They can be used in a number of skin care and haircare products including: face cleansers, face creams and serums, exfoliating facial creams, body lotions, shampoos, conditions and hair masks and treatments.

Amino acids will help you restore your skin to a more dynamic, hydrated, nourished, and youthful look.

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